Application Developer Kit for WindowsCE 6.0 and HiCO.SH7780

The Application Developer Kit is the right suite for application developers who want to concentrate on developing their own applications without developing their own kernels. Online updates ensure that you are always working with the very latest version of the software.

Hardware for HiCO.SH7780-ADK-CE 6.0:

  • Single Board Computer HiCO.SH7780-SBC with power supply and pre-installed operating system
  • cable set

Hardware for HiCO.SH7780-ADKplus-CE 6.0:

on Plexiglass mount

Software and accesories:

  • detailed Kernel description
  • Kernel inclusive SDK (devkit) for Microsoft Windows CE 6.0 R2
  • Kernel download Tool
  • online Update for Software and Dokumentation
  • Bootloader pre-installed
  • Driver for Active Sync
  • SW/HW Handbook