CAN on DIMM-MX6 / emCON-MX6 under Linux

The DIMM-MX6 / emCON-MX6 features two CAN interfaces. The driver interface complies to the SocketCAN interface. There is general documentation for SocketCAN available in the Linux kernel tree at ./Documentation/networking/can.txt.
For basic testing you can initialize the can0 interface using:
ifconfig can0 up
The configuration of the can module is done by ip commands.
Example of setting the bitrate:

ip link set can0 type can bitrate 100000

The commands 'cansend' and 'candump' can be used to send or receive data on a specific can interface. They are contained in canutils package.
For example:

# receive can data
candump can0

# send can data
cansend can0 -i 45 01 02 03 04 05