Changed functionality or bugs fixed

  • dimm-mx53: pull up of ethernet lines changed
  • dimm-mx53: DDR2 memory timing parameters corrected
  • dimm-mx53: support for 256MBytes and 512MBytes adde
  • dimm-mx53: write protection during startup disabled for automatic modification of bad block table.
  • dimm-mx53: correction of bad block table modified
  • dimm-mx53: mii commands enabled and initialization of fec corrected accordingly.
  • dimm-sh7723: ethernet time out increased
  • dimm-sh7723: bug in handling of NAND subpages corrected.
  • dimm-sh7723: support for new NOR flashes added.
  • dimm-sh7724: phy mii-address corrected
  • calculation and check of checksum of rootfs and appfs corrected