How to use ARM-DS5 with our emBSPs

What is ARM-DS5

ARM - Development Studio 5 is a tool suite provided by ARM. The tools are integrated into Eclipse IDE as plugins. You can install the Linux version into our emLinux VM. For further information and documentation please look at the resources provided by ARM at

On the ARM website, you can register and Download ARM DS-5 for linux. You have to make sure that you have the right version that is compatible to our emBSPs. Currently, that is ARM-DS5 version 5.11.

Which emtrion modules are supported?

There are two things an emBSP has to support so be fully capable of being used with ARM DS-5. The first thing is an installed sftp-server, the second one is an installed gator-daemon and gator-driver.

The sftp-server is only necessary if you want to use DS-5 as a development environment. ARM DS-5 uses sftp as a deployment mechanism for the binaries. But emLinux has also already Eclipse installed and has the same capabilities regarding deployment and remote debugging.

The real advantage of ARM DS-5 is its Streamline performance analysis tool. For this tool, you need to have a gator-daemon and gator-driver for your platform.


Platforms with sftp-server support
  • DIMM-AM335X
  • DIMM-MX6
Platforms with gator support for Streamline
  • DIMM-MX53
  • DIMM-AM335X
  • DIMM-MX6


How to use

Regarding sftp-server support, the SSH daemon is already running on the supported boards. ARM DS-5 starts the sftp-server automatically via SSH on the target device.

To enable gator support you have to start the daemon from a shell on the target with the following command:


# gatord -m /lib/modules/[kernel-version]/kernel/drivers/gator/gator.ko &

The kernel version is, of course, different depending on the target device.