SBC-SAMA5D36 IoT EXT Dev Kit Linux

This IoT EXT developer kit is a highly customizable kit for developing quickly your next Internet Of Things solution.

The kit is composed of a Singe Board Computer (SBC-SAMA5D36) and an IoT extension board which provides WiFi/Bluetooth interfaces to connect the device to the Internet.

Beside the wireless connectivity, the extension adds six I/O connectors that comply with the Grove sensor system from the company Seeed.

And for security features, a TPM is provided for cryptographic key management.

The kit runs the lastest LTS Linux kernel v4.9 and is build with the simple and efficient Buildroot tool.

The ready-to-use image available in the download section helps you setup quickly your device to run a MQTT protocol demo that sends temperature data to a Cloud.


  • Low powered SBC running the latest Long-Term Linux Kernel
  • Wireless communication with WiFi/Bluetooth connectivity for the IoT
  • Grove connectivity for quickly test hundreds of ready-to-use sensors
  • TPM key management for extra security features
  • Easy customised / Easy to be up and running

Name Zusammenfassung Datei
SDCard IoT EXT SBC-SAMA5D36 image How-to:
- Uncompress the image with this command line:
tar Jxvf archive.tar.xz output.img
(md5sum of extracted image: ca17c775aa906017d03d539dfd64b582)

- Copy into a SDCard with this command line:
sudo dd if=iot-ext-v20180328.img of=/dev/sdX bs=4M

- Plug the SDCard into your SBC-SAMA5D36 and power on the board.
login: root Password: hico
Change date28.03.2018
Hardware Manual IOT-EXT1 Hardware Manual for the extension board IOT-EXT1
SW SBC-SAMA5D36 IOT_EXT Linux buildroot Manual Software Manual for the extension board IOT-EXT1

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Name Distribution Version Codename
Linux Buildroot Mainline 20180201


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