Troubleshooting USB Mobile Device Connection under Windows embedded Compact 7 on DIMM-MX6

The connection to the Mobile Device Center will not established when the USB cable is connected. What are possible reasons?

There are two reasons possible:

  1. the connection is not correctly set up on the DIMM-MX6 Windows embedded compact device
  2. the Windows Mobile Center has not launched all required processes



  1. Check/Setup the connection on the DIMM-MX6 device:
    1. Open the control panel applet "Freescale USB driver". On the tab "USB Device Class Select" the item "ActiveSync" should be selected. If not correct it.
      Note: if you change the device class you must have no USB cable plugged in the USB device connector.
    2. Open from the "Start menu" -> "Settings" then "Network and Dial-Up Connections". We need at least one direct connection using the USB cable. The USB interface is available in the system as a COM port as soon as the USB cable is plugged in and the "ActiveSync" USB device class is selected (see 1.1). If there is no direct connection you can create such a connection with these steps (make sure that there is a physical USB connection between the device and your PC):
      1. Make a double-click on "Make New Connection"
      2. Enter a connection name that you want. In these instructions, the name "USB cable" is used.
      3. Select the connection type "Direct connection"
      4. Press the button "Next"
      5. In the drop-down box "Select a device:" you have to select the item which has not the part "UNIMODEM" in the name (e.g. COM2:)
      6. Press the button "Configure". The dialog "Device Properties" is shown.
      7. On the tab "Call Options" select all checkboxes.
      8. Close the dialog "Device Properties" using the OK button in the upper right corner of the dialog.
      9. Press the button "Finish" to close the dialog "Device"
    3. Open the control panel applet "PC connection". Verify that the checkbox "Enable direct connections to the desktop computer" is selected. Verify also that the direct connection from 1.2 is used (in our example "USB cable"). If not press the button "Change connection" and select the direct connection.
  2. Check the Windows Mobile Center installation on the PC
    1. When the USB cable is plugged in a USB port on your PC a device named "Microsoft USB Sync" should be available. You can verify this if you take a look in the device manager on your PC. The device manager can be found in the control panel. In the device manager, you should find a device with the name "Microsoft USB Sync" in the category "Mobile devices".
    2. If you have started the "Windows Mobile Device Center" you should see the following processes on the process tab of the Windows Task Manager on your PC. The Windows Task Manager can be opened by a click with the right mouse button and selecting the item "Start Task-Manager". The important processes are:
      1. wmdc.exe: this is the process of the Windows Mobile Device Center. If this process is missing you can start it from the control panel by choosing the item "Windows Mobile Device Center"
      2. WmdHost.exe: this is the Windows Mobile Device Center Sync Host and is very important for the detection of a device in the Mobile Device Center. If this process is missing you can start it by executing the executable (there is no link in the start menu or control panel). This executable is located in the directory %SystemRoot%\WindowsMobile (typically C:\Windows\WindowsMobile).
        Note: On PCs, with 64bit operating systems this process is marked with *32 because it's always a 32bit process.