Debian 8 Jessie

Software Features
  • Toolchain:
    • based on gcc 4.9, binutils 2.24 running natively on the device
    • Debian ARM hardfloat toolchain gcc-4.9 for cross compilation
  • Kernel: 3.10.53, Freescale revision 1.1.0+ (Freescale 3.0.35 available from Debian repository and mainline available on request)
  • Qt: 5.3.2 - emtrion enhanced packages which make full use of the DIMM-MX6 hardware accelerators


The root file system of our Debian BSP is based on Debian Stable (Jessie). If you need a root file system based on the older Debian Stable (Wheezy), please contact us.


Version 8.x
Revision v20150616
Status not recommended for new designs
Unterstützte Core-Module

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Name Zusammenfassung Datei
Debian based Linux BSP - Manual Debian based Linux BSP - Manual
Change date29.08.2023
Debian DIMM-MX6 2015-04-15 Update Manual This manual describes how to update to Release 2015-04-15 of the emtrion Debian-based BSP for DIMM-MX6. Please read this document before updating your device
TypApplication Note

Enable, Disable or Remove the Demo Application


I2C under Linux


CAN on DIMM-MX6 / emCON-MX6 under Linux


SPI under Linux


Using GStreamer on DIMM-MX6 / emCON-MX6 under Linux


Display Configuration on DIMM-MX6 / emCON-MX6 under Linux


GPIOs on DIMM-MX6 under Linux


Using Lothron with DIMM-MX6


How to handle CPU core frequency from user space


Debian BSP v2015-06-16 for emtrion-MX6 (DIMM-MX6 / emCON-MX6)

Now the BSP supports DIMM-MX6 and emCON-MX6 boards


Debian BSP v2015-04-15 for DIMM-MX6

This is a major update of the BSP. It introduces the support of Linux kernel version 3.10.53. This kernel is now configured as the standard kernel while the previous kernel is still available from the Debian package repository.

Please fetch the document "Debian DIMM-MX6 Release 2015-04-15 Update Manual" from the Download section and follow it closely to successfully update to the new BSP.


  • new Linux kernel based on Freescale kernel version 3.10.53
  • updated custom i.MX6 packages (e.g. Gstreamer libs, GPU libs)
  • updated Root File System with current Debian packages
  • updated Virtual Machine
  • updated RootFS configuration for elbe Build System
  • various bug fixes


Debian BSP v2014-12-02 for DIMM-MX6

  • updated Root File System with current Debian packages
  • updated custom emtrion packages, e.g. Kernel patches and Qt 5.3.2
  • updated Virtual Machine (now 64bit Debian)
  • updated Build System in Virtual machine - (RootFS build now 3-4 times faster)
  • various bug fixes


Debian BSP v2014-08-01 for DIMM-MX6

  • updated Root File System with current Debian packages
  • updated custom emtrion packages, e.g. Kernel patches and Qt 5.3.1
  • updated Virtual Machine


Debian BSP v2014-03-18 for DIMM-MX6

  • first release

  • The Freescale i.MX6 SoC can demand a lot of power from the power supply. Therefore emtrion designed a new base board Cadun which can handle the demands of our DIMM-MX6. If you already purchased a Verno with DIMM-MX6 and your application needs more power than Verno can deliver, you can contact us to exchange it with a Cadun. Because of mentioned power supply issues the Lothron base board should only be used, if you want to test a device, which can not be connected to Cadun. If you use Lothron please follow this guide. DIMM-MX6-Solo can be used without limitations on Lothron.
  • When using HDMI only: the startup hang if a splash screen is shown b the bootloader on the HDMI interface. As a workaround disable the splash screen in U-Boot by removing the environment variable load_splashscreen.
  • The software drivers for the USB OTG port are working successfully in device mode. But there is a load problem when the OTG port is used in host mode.