Yocto 1.5.1 Dora

Software Features
  • Toolchain: based on gcc 4.8.1, binutils 2.23, name of the chain for cross-compiling: arm-poky-linux-gnueabi (hardfloat)
  • Bootloader: U-Boot 2013.04 mainline
  • Kernel: 3.0.35, Freescale revision 4.1.0+
  • Qt: 4.8.5 with QWS (if you are interested in Qt5, please use Debian or build it yourself using our Yocto layer)


The root file system in our emBSP is build using Yocto/OpenEmbedded (Yocto version 1.5.1). The layers for Yocto/OpenEmbedded are available on request, but please understand that we can not support you for free if you have problems with this powerful but complicated build system. If you are new to linux the first steps will be much easier with emLinux.


Version 1.5.1
Revision v20140417
Status not recommended for new designs

Name Zusammenfassung Datei
emLinux Manual v8 emLinux Manual v8
Change date30.08.2023
emBSP v2014-04-17 for DIMM-MX6 emBSP v2014-04-17 for DIMM-MX6
Change date04.08.2017

I2C under Linux


CAN on DIMM-MX6 / emCON-MX6 under Linux


SPI under Linux


Using GStreamer on DIMM-MX6 / emCON-MX6 under Linux


Display Configuration on DIMM-MX6 / emCON-MX6 under Linux


GPIOs on DIMM-MX6 under Linux


Using Lothron with DIMM-MX6


How to handle CPU core frequency from user space


emBSP v2014-04-17 for DIMM-MX6

  • built with Yocto version 1.5.1 (Dora)
  • this leads to many SW updates as seen above amongst others. Also the Heartbleed bug in OpenSSL is fixed.
  • hardfloat ABI is now used, this is incompatible with previous softfloat code
  • support for DIMM-MX6 rev4 and rev5 boards


emBSP v2013-06-26 for DIMM-MX6

  • introduce support for DIMM-MX6-Solo and DIMM-MX6-DualLite
  • the same BSP including the kernel supports all variants of DIMM-MX6 (Solo, DualLite, Dual and Quad)

emBSP v2013-05-24 for DIMM-MX6

  • Updated kernel and root file system to Freescale BSP release 4.0.0
  • Analog camera support added. Camera drivers are now compiled as modules. For more information read the gstreamer info. Analog camera input is only available on Lothron baseboard
  • DVI output available on Lothron baseboard
  • GPU clock frequency limit removed. Use Cadun base board with this release, if you encounter power supply issues.

emBSP v2013-03-22a for DIMM-MX6

  • Fixed problem with toolchain in emBSP

emBSP v2013-03-22 for DIMM-MX6

  • Camera: VM009 camera module (mt9m131 sensor) now supported. Also USB cameras are supported.
  • UARTs: all five UARTs are now available
  • RootFS: SW update of many components of the RootFS (based on Yocto version 1.3 (danny) and Freescale BSP version 1.1.1)

emBSP v2013-01-17 for DIMM-MX6

  • RootFS: fixed problem with umountfs script

emBSP v2013-01-14 for DIMM-MX6

  • Added support for following peripherals: USB Device, HDMI (video only), CAN, Watchdog, Audio, SPI, SATA. For further information and hints about using the peripherals please have a look at the list above
  • support of DIMM-MX6 hardware revision 2. Please note that hardware revision 1 is no longer supported. If you have a revision 1 board, we will exchange it for you.
  • bug fixes and improvements

emBSP v2012-11-16 for DIMM-MX6

  • Initial Release

The Freescale i.MX6 SoC can demand a lot of power from the power supply. Therefore emtrion designed a new base board Cadun which can handle the demands of our DIMM-MX6. If you already purchased a Verno with DIMM-MX6 and your application needs more power than Verno can deliver, you can contact us to exchange it with a Cadun. Because of mentioned power supply issues the Lothron base board should only be used, if you want to test a device, which can not be connected to Cadun. If you use Lothron please follow this guide. DIMM-MX6-Solo can be used without limitations on Lothron.
 Hardware Revision 1
  • you must connect the USB device port to a USB Host port (e.g. of your Host PC) to be able to use the USB Host port(s) of the developer kit