Yocto 1.5.1 Dora

Software Features


  • Toolchain: based on gcc 4.8.1, binutils 2.23, name of the chain for cross-compiling: arm-poky-linux-gnueabi
  • Bootloader: U-Boot 2013.10, based on mainline U-Boot
  • Kernel: 3.2.0, based on the arago/v3.2-staging commit 19df1b5a3b5059fedebc19f3d51e1cdef6647492 - 3.14 also available, please have a look at the Downloads section
  • Qt: 4.8.5 with QWS (if you are interested in Qt5, please contact us)


The root file system in our emBSP is built using Yocto/OpenEmbedded (Yocto version 1.5.1). The layers for Yocto/OpenEmbedded are available on request, but please understand that we can not support you for free if you have problems with this powerful but complicated build system. If you are new to linux the first steps will be much easier with emLinux.


Version 1.5.1
Revision v20140515
Status development ongoing
Unterstützte Core-Module

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Name Zusammenfassung Datei
emLinux Manual v8 emLinux Manual v8
Change date30.08.2023
DIMM-AM335x Linux Mainline Support Package DIMM-AM335x Linux Mainline Support Package (tested with kernel 3.14.y)
Change date04.08.2017
TypApplication Note
emBSP v2014-05-15 for DIMM-AM335X emBSP v2014-05-15 for DIMM-AM335X
Change date04.08.2017

I2C under Linux


SPI under Linux


CAN on DIMM-AM335 under Linux


GPIOs on DIMM-AM335 under Linux


emBSP v2014-05-15 for DIMM-AM335X

  • bugfix in SSHD configuration


emBSP v2014-04-17 for DIMM-AM335X

  • this emBSP was build with Yocto version 1.5.1 (Dora)
  • updates for many software packages in the root file system (see above). Also the OpenSSL Heartbleed bug is fixed


emBSP v2013-12-20 for DIMM-AM335X

  • fixed occurance of following error “mmcblk0: error -110 sending stop command, original cmd response 0×900, card status 0xb00” by patching the kernel.
  • please note that in our investigations concerning this error, we never experienced data loss and the kernel handled the error gracefully. Still it is recommended to update to this embsp version
  • also a new U-Boot v004 is available: DIMM-AM335x U-Boot update

emBSP v2013-10-25 for DIMM-AM335X

  • updated kernel by applying the most recent patches from the TI 3.2 staging git repository. This update adds support for all AM335x variants.
  • CPUFreq driver activated. This driver allows dynamic voltage and frequency scaling
  • added dynamic detection of SGX 3D accelerator. The SGX driver module is now only loaded when the unit is available in the used AM335x variant.
  • To use this new emBSP a U-Boot update to version v003 is highly recommended: DIMM-AM335x U-Boot update

emBSP v2013-04-11 for DIMM-AM335X

  • updated kernel by applying patches from most recent tag of ti 3.2 staging repository. added PRUSS support
  • updated root file system and toolchain by using Yocto 1.3
  • A U-Boot update is necessary for this release: Please have a look at this page and the new emLinux manual.

emBSP v2012-11-08 for DIMM-AM335X

  • make emBSP compatible to emSDK 1.9

emBSP v2012-10-24 for DIMM-AM335X

  • Initial Release