Yocto 1.7.2 Dizzy

Software Features

emtrion Yocto-Layers: meta-emtrion, meta-emtrion-bsp/meta-emtrion-sbc-sama5d36

Images: kernel 4.0.0(mainline) with some patches, devicetree, root filesystem, ramdisk

Toolchain based on gcc 4.9.1, buinutils 2.24, name of the chain for cross-compiling: arm-poky-linux-gnueabi

SDK on request

QT: 4.8.6


Version 1.7.2
Revision v20150623
Status development ongoing
Unterstützte Core-Module


Using the emtrion Yocto Layers you are able to build all the significant output files such as kernel, root filesystem, ramdisk and SDK for the corresponding devkit.

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If you require any other feature, please contact emtrion!

Name Zusammenfassung Datei
SDCard SBC-SAMA5D36 production (Debian 8 Jessie) This archive contents everything you need to reprogram your SBC-SAMA5D36 (for all R2/R3/R4 boards) NAND Flash. You will need a micro SDCard of at least 1GBytes.

- Uncompress the image with this command line:
tar Jxvf archive.tar.xz output.img (for example: tar Jxvf sbc-sama5d36_prod.img.tar.xz sbc-sama5d36_prod.img)
(md5sum of extracted image: f9950709ab511860eb5764d56a7259f6 )
- Copy into a SDCard with this command line:
sudo dd if=sbc-sama5d36_prod.img of=/dev/sdX bs=4M
- Plug the SDCard into your SBC-SAMA5D36 and power on the board.
login: root Password: hico
- run ./production-script.sh

Normally, the update archive doesn't contain the newest root filesystem. To be sure we recommend to update the root file system after reprogramming. Updating of the root filesystem is described in the corresponding manual

WARNING: All the previous data in the NAND Flash will be erased! This also means that the U-Boot environment is reset. Please check MAC Addresses, serial number, board revision using "printenv" in U-Boot before updating to be able to set them during the update.
Change date12.04.2021
emYoctoLayer basic handling around emtrion's Yocto/OpenEmbedded layers
Change date30.08.2023
yocto-sbc-sama5d36-20150623 emtrion's Yocto-Layers and prebuild images for sbc-sama5d36, 20150623
Change date04.08.2017

I2C under Linux


emtrion Yocto Layers (20150623)

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