Yocto 2.2 (Morty)

Software Features

emtrion is designing this Yocto developer kit to help you design your application quickly and efficiently, and evaluate it directly on the hardware.

By simply running the virtual machine provided, you can start developing your application i.e. using Eclipse IDE with the Yocto Plugin. An NFS share and the SDK is provided.

The interfaces and technologies supported by this developer kit can be found below in the section Drivers.

  • emtrion Yocto-Layer: meta-emtrion-rzn1
  • Toolchain: based on gcc-6.2, binutils 2.27, chain for cross compiling arm-poky-linux-gnueabi
  • Kernel: Renesas Linux based on mainline 4.9
  • Multimedia and Qt5 support: on request

There is currently no further information available for this product.