SBC-SAMA5D36 IoT EXT Dev Kit Linux

This IoT EXT developer kit is our latest highly customizable kit for developing quickly your next Internet Of Things solution.

It is composed of our single board computer SBC-SAMA5D36 with an extension board that give you the possibility to connect Grove sensors for rapid prototyping.

The extension board extend also the connection possibility of the SBC-SAMA5D36 with WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0. A TPM key management chip is also on the board to ensure extra security features.

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Jailhouse Hypervisor on Renesas RZ/G

emtrion has released developer kits with the Virtualization solution Jailhouse for the modules emCON-RZ/G1E, emCON-RZ/G1M and emCON-RZ/G1H.

Virtualization benefits for our clients:

  • Cost reduction through less hardware modules
  • Security and Safety through strict separation between operating systems and applications
  • Real-Time capability despite Virtualization

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emtrion SBC-RZ/N1D

and industrial communication is clearly becoming a ‘must-have’. emtrion’s new Renesas RZ/N1D SBC including in-house board support packages allows its customers to focus on what they do best: building their application ….

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emtrion Support Center

Check out all sorts of technical product information, FAQs, related documentation, download links and lots more via

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Düsseldorf, July 2017 – Renesas Electronics Europe, a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, today announced that it has recognised emtrion GmbH as its first European...

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The powerful SBC-MaX can be scaled flexibly from 1*800 MHz up to 4*1,2 GHz due to the use of different processor versions. Thanks to his high computing power, the performance multi-media...

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