Android Things

Android Things is a new operating system for the Internet of Things (IoT) and runs, with or without display, on low-power embedded devices, such as emtrion’s SBC-SAMA5D36. Due to its numerous peripheral connections and the possibility to use touchscreen, the SBC-SAMA5D36 is ideal for the use in IoT environments, like for example white goods.

Android Things runs on only one single application called home activity, which is launched on boot. It has Java Runtime implemented, so that Android application developers are able to write IoT applications in their familiar Android Studio environment.

Its source code has not been released yet. However, a few images exist for several hardware platforms.
In the scope of an internal assessment, emtrion has ported Android Things to its single board computer SBC-SAMA5D36.

emtrion supports you during the initial startup of Android Things, the porting to different platforms or more general development tasks like driver development or defining the architecture of an Android Things application.

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