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Application development

emtrion develops individual embedded applications for Linux, Android, Windows, bare metal devices and various real-time operating systems. Our experienced software engineers have knowledge of various programming languages, compiler functions and know-how about the operating systems and their structures. In addition to the complete development of your specific application, we also offer you our expertise and support you in developing your own software application.

  • Programming languages: C, C ++, C #, Python, JavaScript, Kotlin
  • Operating systems: Linux, Android, Windows and bare metal devices, real-time operating systems (including FreeRTOS, Sciopta, Keil RTX, Segger embos)
  • GUI design with: Qt, TouchGFX
  • Multimedia applications with GStreamer
  • Industrial controls and communication, for example using EtherCAT, ProfiNet, CANopen

Developments for embedded devices are often subject to resource and performance restrictions. In the specification phase at the beginning of development, in which the requirements for your application are being worked out together, we look at these software and hardware-specific properties of your target platform.

With our software know-how we offer you reliable security-sensitive software solutions as well as efficient and user-friendly real-time applications through resource-saving programming. When designing the user interface, we are focused on making it user-friendly.

On request, we design the development process according to your specifications with regard to process model, coding style, test depth and other quality-determining factors. In accordance with our standards, we guarantee you the highest quality software and traceability (traceability management) from requirement to test. We use state-of-the-art frameworks and libraries. During the development process, we provide you with beta versions so that you can always follow and test the current status. The software is reviewed through unit, integration, system and final acceptance tests.