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BSP and driver development

The development and adaptation of drivers and board support packages with specific software development kits are part of emtrion's core competencies. Whether for our own or third-party hardware - you can rely on our wealth of experience and receive a ready-to-use and tested board support package. The equipment depends on the root file system and the requirements of your specific project. Together with our experienced development team you determine the service scope and save considerable time and money on your development.

emtrion supports the operating systems Linux, Android, FreeRTOS and Windows Embedded with different kernel versions from customer-specific or semiconductor manufacturer-specific to mainline or with real-time extensions.

  • BSPs tested and ready to use
  • Driver adaptation
  • Development of libraries, middleware, services or applications
  • Security, trusted boot
  • for third-party and in-house hardware
  • Embedded software and hardware from a single source

What is a Board Support Package?

The Board Support Package comprises a collection of drivers, update mechanisms, kernels, boot loaders and settings that enable an application development. An embedded Linux BSP consists, for example, of a Linux kernel with a device tree and configuration, a root file system with libraries, services, applications and configuration files. The BSP is created with Yocto / OpenEmbedded, Debian (elbe) or buildroot. In addition to the BSP, these frameworks also create the SDK (Software Development Kit), consisting of header, libraries, root file system for debugging (can also be shared via NFS) and tools such as compilers, linkers, debuggers, etc.

A board support package is always adapted to respective hardware and application-specific requirements.