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Board Support Packages von emtrion

The development and customization of drivers and board support packages (BSPs) utilizing a specific software development kit (SDK) is one of emtrion's core competencies. Regardless of whether it is your own or third-party hardware: You can always rely on our many years of experience.

We provide you with a carefully tested and ready-to-use board support package that is individually tailored to the root file system and the specific requirements of your project.

Together with our experienced development team, you determine the scope of our support, which can save you considerable time and money in your development.

emtrion supports a wide range of operating systems, including Linux, Android and FreeRTOS. We offer various kernel versions, ranging from customer-specific or manufacturer-specific to mainline or with real-time extensions.

Advantages at a glance

  • Tested and ready-to-use BSP board
  • Perfectly customized drivers
  • Customized libraries, middleware, services or applications
  • Security and trusted boot
  • For own and third-party hardware
  • Embedded software and hardware from a single source

What is a Board Support Package?

Example: An embedded Linux BSP consists of a Linux kernel with device tree and individual configuration. There is also the root file system, which is equipped with libraries, services, applications and configuration files.

We create our BSP with Yocto/OpenEmbedded, Debian or Buildroot. These frameworks also generate the corresponding Software Development Kit (SDK), consisting of headers, libraries, root file system for debugging and tools such as compiler, linker, debugger etc.

Our board support packages are always adapted to the respective hardware and application-specific requirements.

Why a Board Support Package is important

A BSP is essential for every embedded system. It connects hardware and software and promotes efficient application development. The BSP provides drivers and important resources to link hardware and operating system. In embedded systems, where resources are scarce, this efficiency is crucial.

How a Board Support Package works

A typical BSP contains the following components:

  • Bootloader: The bootloader is the first software that is executed when the system is switched on. It initializes the hardware, loads the operating system into the memory and transfers control to the OS.
  • Device drivers: Device drivers are software components that enable communication between the operating system and the hardware components.
  • Kernel: The kernel manages the system's resources. In some cases, adjustments must be made to it in order to optimally support the hardware.
  • Libraries and middleware: Software components that facilitate additional functions and services for the development of applications for the embedded system.
  • Documentation and sample code: BSPs often contain documentation and sample code to make it easier for developers to start developing applications for the system.

The solutions from emtrion

We offer a wide range of solutions for different hardware platforms and operating systems.

  • Operating systems: BSPs for Linux and Android
  • Hardware platforms: ARM, x86, RISC-V
  • Services:
    • Customization and integration of BSPs
    • Training and technical support
    • Documentation and sample code

Start your next project with emtrion

emtrion has many years of experience in developing and customizing board support packages. No matter which hardware platform and which operating system you have selected: We deliver the suitable BSP. You receive a complete service package, including kernel and driver customization, SDK and support.

Get in touch with us. We are looking forward to your project!