BSP maintenance

Complex operating systems are subject to continuous development. The Linux kernel, for example, regularly receives feature enhancements, bug fixes and security updates from the Linux community. The root file systems, based on Debian, Yocto and others, are updated cyclically. This not only fixes errors and adds security patches. The range of functions is also continuously being expanded, for example through the support of new hardware or through new libraries and programs. The core components such as the kernel and bootloader are considered as well as the root file system itself, regardless of whether it is a Debian or was created using Buildroot, Yocto or others.

As your reliable embedded service provider, emtrion ensures the maintenance of a safe and reliable system. We regularly check the adjustments made by the community for you, examine the dependencies on the various components of your system, discuss the relevance of the adjustments with you and then update your Board Support Package (BSP). Automated test systems ensure that the functionality and quality of your products is maintained.