Consulting & Workshops

The development of individual embedded solutions requires innovative and diverse knowledge in software and hardware. emtrion can draw on a wealth of experience through numerous development projects. Our hardware and software specialists are therefore very familiar with the latest solutions. You can rely on our expertise. We are happy to advise you on your individual project, take over the planning for you or give your employees training on new system solutions.

IT Consulting from emtrion - How does the process work?

Working with us is as straightforwar as can be. We focus entirely on your situation and your individual needs. You will feel this in every step of the process:

In an initial personal meeting, you tell us about your project or the issue that needs tob e resolved. You do not need to spend a lot of time preparing for this meeting. Throughout our conversation, all the information that is required will be gathered.

You can also count on our support for the second step: If you have not got a detailed list of requirements yet, we will create it during a second web conference

Our goal is to create a specification document that fully, precisely, and minutely outlines your hardware and software requirements. Prioritizing each criterion based on must, shall, and can should be done. Because the requirements frequently depend on or affect one another, this is significant. Frequently, the requirements specification is displayed as a clear chart

If you like, we set up a workshop to build the requirements specification with your specialists over the phone or in person.

How does the concept creation process work as part of IT consulting?

Once the requirements specification has been completed, we submit our proposal and an initial estimate of our costs.

If you agree with the proposed solution, you receive our offer for a specification phase. This takes place within a few working days and includes the following elements:

  • Precise specification of your hardware and software requirements
  • Definition of the task packages
  • Project schedule
  • Exact cost estimate

If you accept our offer, we get started. First, we create the detailed concept. Our aim here is to optimally coordinate the various hardware and software components and make the solution as efficient and reliable as possible.

We start with both circuit diagram and layout for your hardware. Afterwards you receive a first prototype. Following your feedback, we may produce a second revision if necessary.

Finally, we have the prototype certified (if necessary or desired) and start series production.

Expert panels in IT workshops and their advantages

Workshops create synergies. When both your and our specialists work together to analyze requirements and discuss solutions, the result is more than just the sum of the individual contributions.

Our specialist panels have proven themselves hundreds of times over. One reason for this is the individual workshop design, which depends on the subject area, your know-how and possible requirement to attain further knowledge.

How our support can help you with embedded systems

We not only develop embedded systems for you, but also support you with our comprehensive support services. Our training courses are particularly popular with our customers

  • Software customizations at code level by yourself
  • Updates and BSP maintenance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Definition and identification of security vulnerabilities

In addition, we are of course always there for you if you encounter hurdles with your product or require a modification.

IT Consulting from emtrion: Take the first step now

Contact us and make an appointment for a free initial consultation. Together we find out how emtrion can support you best.