emSBC-Neon-CM4 Developer Kit

The emSBC-Neon-CM4 Developer kit is a low-cost development kit including an emSTAMP-Neon module (with ST STM32F479NI microcontroller) in a form factor reminiscent of the famous Arduino Mega development kit. This kit allows for rapid prototyping and includes a number of interfaces to make the most of the emSTAMP-Neon.

You can find the most common connectors for development such as the JTAG ARM for Debugging and the 6pin connector for a USB cable / FTDI series.
In terms of connectivity, the emSTAMP-Neon Developer kit has compatibility with all Arduino expansion modules to build fast and inexpensive prototypes.

There is also an Ethernet connector and a USB host and device. It is also possible to use a micro SD card. Finally, the baseboard is equipped with an LCD connector for the Glyn EDT LCD range.

FreeRTOS can be installed by you with no additional costs, allowing you to start directly your evaluation and development on this module.


Key features:

  • Microcontroller module: emSTAMP-Neon-CM4 with ST STM32F479NI microcontroller (up to 180 MHz), 32 MB RAM und 16 MB QSPI NOR Flash
  • Operating System: FreeRTOS, optionally μClinux

Name Summary File
emSTAMP-Neon Hardware Manual Hardware Manual Microcontroller Module
Change date18.02.2020
emSTAMP-Neon Software Manual Developer Kit Software Manual Developer Kit emSTAMP-Neon
Change date27.09.2018
emSBC-Neon Hardware Manual Hardware Manual emSBC-Neon
Change date04.06.2020

  • emSTAMP-Neon on carrier board
  • optionally with power-supply
  • with pre-installed OS
  • USB-Host, Ethernet
  • CAN at extension connector
  • size: 55x115mm

Name Summary
UART to USB Adapter UART (+3.3V TTL) to USB converter cable


Display ETM0700G0BDH6 WVGA display (800x480 Pixel) with capacitive touch screen.


Running straight into _Error_Handler() after compiling the PinMux example