.NET MF Starterkit - Touch

There is even touch on your port?

.NET Micro Framework 2.5 doesn't include support for touch events. But as the HiCO.ARM9 already had a touch display we thought it would be a great idea to use it. Therefore there is the _emtrion.TouchDriver_ class. You can register your handler to it and receive touch events with coordinates. You can even create push buttons for your GUI.

There are a few examples in Samples\TestSuite\src\GUI.cs and Samples\TestSuite\src\Touch.cs.

- Touch demonstrates the simple interface and how to calibrate it whenever necessary. The calibration will be stored as ExtendedWeakReference in flash.

- And GUI is a sample application that provides a menubar for a few gimmicks.

You are even able to replace the “User” button with shell commands. You will find the samples in the download area.