Changing display settings

Is it possible to change the display settings?

The selection of the display or display port is done by the bootargs parameter list. Have a look at the file /boot/uboot_script, there you'll find all the settings for different boot scenarios.

The variable "display_fb0" controls which display or display port should be used. Changing the parameters there results in different display settings. "display_fb0_lcd", "display_fb0_hdmi" and "display_fb0_lvds" are examples for selecting the RGB, HDMI or LVDS port.

It is possible to do some experiments by changing the values of "display_fb0" but make sure not to brick this file, otherwise, the kernel won't boot anymore and you must restore the flash contents. For modifying this file, boot the OS and change to the directory /boot. The editor vi (busybox) is available for editing.

cd /boot
busybox vi uboot_script

Note: Despite LVDS and HDMI, choosing a customer-specific display usually necessitates a specific adaption board. Please contact if you have special needs.