Debian 8 Jessie

Software Features
  • Toolchain:
    • based on gcc 4.9, binutils 2.24 running natively on the device
    • Linaro ARM hardfloat toolchain gcc-4.9 for cross compilation
  • Kernel: 4.1 LTS (mainline)
  • QT5: limited support on GUI (only Widget, no QML).


Product Information

Version 8.x
Revision v20151028
Status development ongoing
Supported Core Modules


Beta Release with Kernel Version 4.9.11 and SystemD is now available.

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Name Summary File
Debian based Linux BSP - Manual Debian based Linux BSP - Manual
Change date29.08.2023
SDCard SBC-SAMA5D36 production (Debian 8 Jessie) This archive contents everything you need to reprogram your SBC-SAMA5D36 (for all R2/R3/R4 boards) NAND Flash. You will need a micro SDCard of at least 1GBytes.

- Uncompress the image with this command line:
tar Jxvf archive.tar.xz output.img (for example: tar Jxvf sbc-sama5d36_prod.img.tar.xz sbc-sama5d36_prod.img)
(md5sum of extracted image: f9950709ab511860eb5764d56a7259f6 )
- Copy into a SDCard with this command line:
sudo dd if=sbc-sama5d36_prod.img of=/dev/sdX bs=4M
- Plug the SDCard into your SBC-SAMA5D36 and power on the board.
login: root Password: hico
- run ./

Normally, the update archive doesn't contain the newest root filesystem. To be sure we recommend to update the root file system after reprogramming. Updating of the root filesystem is described in the corresponding manual

WARNING: All the previous data in the NAND Flash will be erased! This also means that the U-Boot environment is reset. Please check MAC Addresses, serial number, board revision using "printenv" in U-Boot before updating to be able to set them during the update.
Change date12.04.2021
Beta Release RootFS This rootfile system is a beta release for the SBC-SamA5D36 with longterm maintenance/support (LTS) Kernel 4.9 and SystemD init system. It is working but most of the peripherals haven't been tested until now.
Use this rootfs at your own risk. Support for Revision 2 Boards will be dropped in near future. Also Debian Strech may be used in one of the following (beta-)releases.

How to Install:

- use a NFS share and start the beta without installing over NFS
- use NFS, mount the NAND-Flash by hand and extract the rootfs into the mounted NAND-Flash
- modify the original production SD-card to install the beta rootfs

Known Issues:

- update_rootfs isn't working
- a grep in /sys gives a segmentation fault
Change date04.08.2017

Enable, Disable or Remove the Demo Application


Beta Release: Debian BSP v2017-02-24 for SBC-SAMA5D36

  • update to Kernel 4.9.11
  • sysv initsystem replaced by systemd


Debian BSP v2015-10-28 for SBC-SAMA5D36

  • added support for revision R3 of the SBC
  • updated Kernel to version 4.1.10 mainline with Long Term Support
  • minor fixes and additions


Debian BSP v2015-06-08 for SBC-SAMA5D36

  • updated Kernel to version 4.0 mainline
  • updated root file system with newest Debian Package versions
  • modified DRAM initialization due to sporadic Kernel errors/Oops
  • added standby functionality to switch S2
  • some minor bug fixes


Debian BSP v2014-11-20 for SBC-SAMA5D36

  • update Root File System with current Debian packages
  • bugs corrections
  • add capacitive Touchscreen
  • add QT5 support
  • add IPTABLE, NETFILTER config


Debian BSP v2014-09-29 for SBC-SAMA5D36

  • first release