Yocto 2.2 Morty

Software Features
  • emtrion Yocto-Layer: meta-emtrion, meta-emtrion-bsp/meta-emtrion-dimm-am335x
  • Toolchain: based on gcc-6.2, binutils 2.27, chain for cross compiling arm-poky-linux-gnueabi
  • Kernel: ti-linux based on mainline 4.4.67
  • Graphic support: OpenGL ES 2
  • Multimedia and Qt5 support: on request

Product Information

Version 2.2
Revision v20170726
Status development ongoing
Supported Core Modules


Supported bases

Cadun --> with display UMSH8272

Idren --> with display ETM0700G0EDH6

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Name Summary File
manual Yocto morty dimm-am335x User manual for the Yocto dimm-am335x
Change date30.08.2023

emtrion Yocto Layers Morty (20170623)

  • First release
  • update from version 20170623 to 20170726
    • support of base idren
    • bugfix in setup script "setup-environment"