Debian 9 Stretch

Software Features
  • Toolchain: based on gcc-6.3, binutils 2.27 (compilation on device or cross)
  • Kernel: Linux  4.9
  • Multimedia: OpenSource implementation of VPU and upstream gstreamer-1.0 (1.10.3)
  • Graphics-Acceleration: OpenSource etnaviv with mesa 12.0
  • QT: 5.7

Product Information

Version 9.x
Revision v20180822
Status development ongoing
Supported Core Modules


The Kernel will be based on linux-stable with some small fixes. The Userspace uses OpenSource implementations for Multimedia and Graphics. Currently no Camera-Support is included in the Kernel (exept for USB-Cameras), but is available on Request.

The display UMSH8272 is no longer supported

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Name Summary File
Linux Mainline based Debian BSP Manual Linux Mainline based Debian BSP Manual

Configuring the Display Output for the Qt-Demo on i.MX6 with Debian (Kernel 4.9)


Enable, Disable or Remove the Demo Application


Supported i.mx6-variants

  • Quad, Dual, DualLite, Solo

Supported base boards

  • DIMM module: Tarion, Cadun,
  • emCON module: Avari, Bvari

Core modules

  • The core module DIMM-MX6 has to be at least revision 3
  • DIMM-MX6-PCIe all revisions supported

The display UMSH8272 is no longer supported


DIMM-MX6: A recent bootloader is needed (v010 or newer)

This can be checked by the Bootloader Date printed on boot, should be 24th March 2015 or newer.



  • The Freescale i.MX6 SoC can demand a lot of power from the power supply. Therefore emtrion designed a new base board Cadun which can handle the demands of our DIMM-MX6. If you already purchased a Verno with DIMM-MX6 and your application needs more power than Verno can deliver, you can contact us to exchange it with a Cadun. Because of mentioned power supply issues the Lothron base board should only be used, if you want to test a device, which can not be connected to Cadun. If you use Lothron please follow this guide. DIMM-MX6-Solo can be used without limitations on Lothron.
  • On modules with 2 GB RAM there is an issue with the GPU driver. This issue results in a reset triggered by the watchdog. As a workaround you can limit the used memory by adding the parameter mem=1536M to the kernel command line. The kernel command line is set through the file /boot/uboot_script. Search in this file for the string bootargs which represents the command line.