Yocto 2.6.2 Thud

Software Features
  • emtrion Yocto-Layer: meta-emtrion-emsbc-argon
  • Toolchain: based on gcc-8.2, chain for cross compiling arm-poky-linux-gnueabi
  • Kernel: Linux 4.19 (STM developed branch)
  • Graphics-Acceleration: OpenGL_ES v2.0, Mesa 18.1
  • Qt: 5.11.2

Product Information

Version 2.6.2
Revision v20190913
Status available
Supported Core Modules

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Name Summary File
emSBC-Argon Yocto based Software Manual Linux Yocto Based BSP Manual (Software Manual) for the emSBC-Argon
Change date23.10.2023