U-Boot 2014.10

Software Features

Only Update U-Boot if necessary and follow the manual carefully!

The source is available on request.

Product Information

Version 2014.10
Status development ongoing
Supported Core Modules

Name Summary File
DIMM-MX6 U-Boot Update Package ATTENTION: Only update if necessary and follow the included manual carefully.

Package contains U-Boot binary and manual about how to update.
Change date08.06.2015

v12 U-Boot 2014.10-00002-g5cc4744 (Jun 08 2015 - 10:48:11):

- Fix of RAM timing issue which occurs on a few DIMM-MX6 modules


v11 U-Boot 2014.10 (Apr 17 2015 - 10:22:34):

- Fix problem of v10 with RAM timing for DIMM-MX6 Dual


v10 U-Boot 2014.10 (Mar 24 2015 - 12:57:38):

- Update to U-Boot mainline release 2014.10

- Add support for modifying device tree nodes of DIMM-MX6 device trees at bootup


v9 U-Boot 2013.04-00001-g67c32d1 (Jul  21 2014 - 10:36:58):

- Added support for additional DDR configurations with DIMM-MX6 modules


v8 U-Boot 2013.04-00025-g66c9696 (Jun 17 2014 - 14:17:35):

- Added support for DIMM-MX6 modules with 2GB DDR
- Improvement: setting of the DDR timing changed for better support of -ET modules
- BugFix: detection of the ET0700M06 display adapters works now
- BugFix: issue with the ethernet auto-negotiation is fixed
- BugFix: the environment variable serverip cannot longer set through the response of the DHCP request
- New: if there is no splash screen image found the emtrion logo is shown as default image (instead of the penguin)
- New: the u-boot mention now if it is running on the DIMM-MX6Q-PCIe boards

- Added support for booting WinCE images with bootm command
- Added support for PMIC on hardware revision r4 and above
- BugFix: setting of USB voltage on hardware revision r2

- BugFix: correction of erase size for the flash area used by u-boot when updating u-boot

- Update: now we are using the u-boot mainline revision 2013.04
- Added splash screen support
- Added support for DIMM-MX6S with i.MX6S processors
- Added board specific command envreset to allow an easier way for resetting the environment to default environment preserving for important value (ethaddr, product type, revision, S/N)
- Changed: The storage location of the u-boot environment in flash was moved to get more space for the code

- changed default environment to allow update and boot commands to use tftp protocol. This is necessary for other operating systems like Windows CE and QNX.

- change: environment variable bootcmd was removed from default environment
- BugFix:  fixed bug in IOMUX of UART4

- Added support for i.MX6 internal LDO bypass and PFUZE pmic setup. Regard that the operating system must also be aware of the LDO bypass.
- Added multiplexing for hardware revision R2A
- Added: PMIC now supplies 5V for USB Host.
- Added: modified muxing for SODIMM SPI I/F. Added success msg in update uboot script.
- BugFix: GPIO muxing

- Initial revision