Development Kits

We offer a range of dev kits to help you get started quickly. These are ideal for developing and testing various solutions.

Our dev kits consist of a CPU module with baseboard or a single-board computer and offer easy access to all interfaces. Each developer kit contains a power supply and cables – depending on the verstion also a display.

The software is already pre-installed, so you can begin creating applications right away, without having to deal with the operating system and low-level drivers.

What are dev kits?

Developer kits or software development kits (SDKs) are an essential tool for software developers.It is a collection of software development tools bundled in an installable package that is specifically designed to simplify the development of applications for specific hardware platforms and operating systems.

In the field of embedded systems, dev kits are a combination of hardware and software. This is what we specialize in. For developers seeking a quick start to the evaluation and creation of embedded system projects, our development kits are ideal.

How does a dev kit work?

It contains all the resources and tools required for the developer to create an application or system, including:

  • A ready-to-use minicomputer
  • An installed operating system
  • Already customized low-level drivers
  • Interfaces
  • Optionally a display
  • Power supply
  • Software development kit (libraries, compiler, debugger, etc.)

Using the dev kit, you initially create your application. After testing and completion, you install the program on your operational embedded system.

What options are there for dev kits?

We offer a wide range of dev kits based on different operating systems:

  • Linux Dev Kits: Our Linux Dev Kits provide a robust and flexible platform for the embedded systems development kit. They are ideal for applications that require high performance and reliability.
  • Android development kits: Our Android system development kits are specifically designed for developing applications for the Android operating system. They offer a user-friendly environment and a variety of tools that simplify the development process.
  • Real-Time Dev Kits: Our Real-Time Dev Kits provide a solution for applications that require a real-time operating system environment. They are ideal for applications that require precise timing and synchronization control.

The solutions from emtrion


Linux Dev kits based on Yocto, Debian or Buildroot, available for the following hardware platforms:

  • NXP: i.MX8M Mini for Linux or Linux headless, i.MX6Q in individual memory configurations are possible.
  • STMicro: STM32MP1 Argon Dev Kits, now also available with Guiliani GUI software.


Dev Kits, available fort he following hardware platforms:

  • i.MX8M with Android 11.0.
  • i.MX6Q with Android Lollipop 5.1.1.

Real-Time Kits

The tried-and-tested emSBC-Neon-CM4 with FreeRTOS: a low-cost dev kit including emSTAMP-Neon module with numerous interfaces. Even Ethernet, USB and MicroSD are included. An LCD monitor is optionally available.

Accelerate your development with emtrion Dev Kits

As specialists in embedded systems, we appreciate excellent development tools. That's why we provide a careful selection of proven dev kits. Use these tools to accelerate your embedded project!

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