RockEM IoT-Gateway

Optimization and analysis of operational processes

Together with ROCK5, emtrion has developed an IoT Gateway that allows you to extract valuable information from your data.
Simply and conveniently integrate the flexible RockEM IoT gateway into your production management and make your operational processes even more efficient in the future.

The solution to your connectivity problem

With its numerous interfaces, the RockEM IoTGateway is ready to get connected to all common fieldbus systems. In addition, 2 customizable wireless module slots provide the flexibility for a connectivity that is unique on the market.

For the manufacturing industry

  • For our IoT gateway you can easily do the configuration yourself in a few steps.
  • No IT expertise is required
  • A fully encrypted communication with the RockEM IoT Gateway works from and to your machines

For OEMs and mechanical engineering

  • White-Label Support
  • Individual Adjustments


RockEM IoT-Gateway - Key Features

RockEM IoT-Gateway - casing
  • 2 slots for wireless modules ensure maximum input variations (LoRa, WLAN, Bluetooth and others)
  • Maximum flexibility through connection options to all common fieldbus systems
  • Direct control of analog inputs and digital IOs
  • Simple operation through optimized web interface
  • Fully encrypted communication paths
  • Firewall protected
  • Operating System: Linux
  • On request: CANopen Master/ Slave; EtherNet/ IP; EtherCAT; PROFINET CCB RT1
  • CPU: ARM Cortex-A5, Microchip SAMA5D2
  • CPU Performance: 500 MHz - 785 DMIPS
  • Security: Crypto, TRNG, tamper, on-the-fly DDR/QSPI encryption, secure boot, enviromental monitors, Trust Zone
  • RAM: up to 512 MByte DDR3 SDRAM
  • Flash: up to 32 MByte NOR-Flash, up to 16 GB eMMC


block diagram

RockEM-Iot-Gateway-Base Blockschaltbild


RockEM IoT Base Features