i.MX6 Modules with NXP MCIMX6

The right module for every requirement

Powered by NXP's i.MX6 processor, the high-performing, scalable DIMM-MX6 module delivers up to Cortex-A9 quad-core computing performance to meet the growing demands of multimedia.
There are three different module variants available to you, which differ mainly in being equipped with either HDMI, PCI Express, RGB or processor bus.
The DIMM MX6 with processor bus is also equipped with eMMC NAND Flash, the variants HDMI and PCI Express with SLC-NAND Flash.

The common features of the DIMM MX6 Modules in a glance:

  • Processors MCIMX6S, MCIMX6U, MCIMX6D, MCIMX6Q from NXP (Freescale)
  • Solo, DualLite, Dual or Quad- Core ARM Cortex-A9 processor/s
  • Up to 4x 1,2GHz clock speed
  • Powerful 3D graphics
  • EtherCAT, PROFINET, CANopen optionally available
  • industrial Module (COM/ SOM), also available in extended temperature range
  • scalable and long-term available
  • Fastboot optionally available
  • IOT capable

The operating systems Linux, Windows Embedded (WinCE6.0, WEC7, WEC2013) Windows 10 IOT, QNX, ThreadX, FreeRTOS and Android are available for the DIMM family.
The DIMM-MX6S provides a longterm availability of up to 15 years.
Furthermore, emtrions software specialists provide you with in-house board support packages (BSP).

Choose the most suited developer kit from our versatile compilation for a quick start into your application development.



PCI Express

DIMM MX6 Module | PCI Express

Key Features:

  • 2 Display Interfaces, Full HD, (1x RGB, 1 x LVDS)
  • 1GB up to 2GB RAM
  • 512 MB up to 8GB NAND Flash (SLC)
  • Video In/Camera YUV422 Interface for 2x CMOS cameras up to 16 MPixel or PAL/NTSC Codec


Processor Bus

i.MX6 Module Processor Bus - emtrion

Key Features:

  • 2 Display Interfaces, Full HD (1 x HDMI 1.4, 1 x LVDCS)
  • 1GB up to 2GB RAM
  • 4GB up to 32 GB Flash (eMMC)
  • Processor Bus 16 bit data and addresses



i.MX6 Module | emtrion

Key Features:

  • 3 Display Interfaces, Full HD (1 x RGB, 1 x LVDS, 1x HDMI 1.4)
  • 1 GB up to 2 GB RAM
  • 512 MB up to 8GB NAND Flash (SLC)
  • Video In/Camera YUV422 Interface for 2x CMOS cameras up to16 MPixel or PAL/NTSC Codec


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