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Embedded Security

In the age of Industry 4.0, even more complex and networked as well as durable embedded systems offer a higher and more diverse number of vulnerabilities and entry points for hackers. Thanks to many years of experience we gained in the field of embedded security, we are ideally positioned to review your project for all security-relevant aspects and to create a suitable embedded security concept.

  • Embedded security according to the IEC 62443 standard
  • for in-house as well as third-party hardware
  • Many years of experience and extensive know-how in embedded software and hardware
  • Maintenance and security reviews for existing systems

With proven analytical techniques and tools such as Threat Modeling, TrustZone, Jailhouse, Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), Trusted Platform Module (TPM) or emCVE-Watch, we provide a comprehensive service portfolio to offer you a secure and long-term embedded solution, also according to standard IEC 62443.

Early and long-term coverage

To prevent design errors and security gaps, security measures should be implemented and reviewed before and during the design phase. The choice of the right processor module for your application with a secure boot process as well as a hardware-based device ID / key and cryptography accelerator is crucial. Benefit from our expertise and contact us early regarding your upcoming project.

Especially in case of heavily networked industrial solutions, new weak points arise over time that require regular checks. To protect your system also long term, we offer you emCVE-Watch, a service which enables the latest security gaps to be discovered at an early stage and the appropriate measures to be taken.