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Error analysis

In development projects you can always run into unforeseen and difficult to solve problems, such as loss of performance after a long operational period or network problems as well as connection interruptions. Embedded systems are often difficult systems - anyone looking for errors here can easily get lost in the jungle of complexity. We are happy to accompany you on this path and work together to find the source of the error.

A wealth of experience is helpful for efficient troubleshooting in order to be able to isolate the error or problem quickly. Various techniques are used, from hardware debuggers (JTAG) to tracing and stress tests.

By participating in a large number of development projects for various embedded systems, we have a broad knowledge of current hardware and software environments for the embedded area, including their strengths and weaknesses. Our developers know where bugs tend to creep in and how to eliminate them. Make use of our expertise, save yourself time and trouble and lead your project to faster success.