Real-time operating systems are used in order to be able to implement real-time critical systems more easily and efficiently through proven scheduling mechanisms and defined algorithms for interprocess communication. One of the most popular representatives is FreeRTOS, an OpenSource real-time operating system.

FreeRTOS has already been ported to many controllers, including various Cortex-M3 and Cortex-M4 derivatives, such as STM, NXP, Atmel, and some Cortex-A9 controllers such as the Renesas RZ/A1. This ensures broad support and simplifies platform switches.

SafeRTOS can be used to simplify software certification. SafeRTOS has been pre-certified by TÜV Süd up to SIL 3 according to IEC 61508-3 and up to ASIL D according to ISO 26262. It is based on the same scheduling algorithms as FreeRTOS and has a nearly identical API. Applications developed for FreeRTOS can thus be ported to SafeRTOS with little effort.


emtrion supports you with both, the initial start-up of FreeRTOS, as well as porting to new platforms.
Furthermore, emtrion assists you during your development, for example by developing drivers or defining the software architecture with FreeRTOS.

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