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Customer specific IoT gateway

A systems solution for Hekatron Brandschutz

In order to receive fire alarms and error messages from the wirelessly-interlinked smoke detectors of the Genius family at any time, emtrion has developed a gateway for Hekatron Brandschutz with specific requirements based on the SBC-SAMA5D3: the Genius Port.

The challenge

The Genius smoke detectors are interconnected by a proprietary wireless network. The goal of the Genius Port development was to build a connection between the network and the Genius Cloud. Thereby, alarms and error messages from the wirelessly networked Genius smoke detectors can be received at any time and everywhere on mobile end devices.

Optionally, the gateway is now connected to the Genius Cloud via LAN or WLAN. The configuration/commissioning of the gateway and the connection to smart home systems takes place per smartphone via Bluetooth Low Energy. The Genius Port was equipped with a comprehensive security concept to meet the operational standards. Up to series production, the complete production process of the Genius Port lay within the responsibility of emtrion. The IoT-capable SBC-SAMA5D36 was chosen as the basis, supported by the Linux operating system.

The solution

A prototype including all necessary components based on the SBC-SAMA5D36 enabled the software development for the Genius Port to be started parallel to the hardware development.
The provision of the required Linux drivers and the adaptation of the device tree were realized. For the connectivity of the proprietary wireless systems, emtrion has developed a driver for the wireless protocol as well as an adapter for the wireless modules.
The Debian-based root file system was minimized. This speeds up the application and offers the smallest possible attack surface. A comprehensive security system was created, i.a. by activating the processor‘s secure boot mechanism and placing a key in the SoC. The update process runs automatically via the connection to the Genius Cloud. There is a fallback solution via a USB port. The implementation of extensive automated tests by providing a board farm ensures reliable performance in continuous operation. The board farm is also used for the verification of updates.
A modern, practical casing design completes the extensive development of the IoT Gateway Genius Port. emtrion coordinated the entire manufacturing process, including the packaging and certification of the Genius Port. Following successful series introduction, emtrion will continue to update the software plus monitor standards and certifications for the Genius Port.

Hekatron Brandschutz

With over 50 years of experience, Hekatron Brandschutz develops products, systems and services for plant engineering fire protection. The company offers a unique and comprehensive range for the entire application spectrum of fire alarm systems, smoke detectors, hold-open systems and ventilation systems. The smoke detectors of the Genius family are exemplary for the quality requirements of the company as well as for easy handling and system reliability.