Yocto v3.0.4 (Zeus) is now available free of charge for all users of the emtrion System-on-Module emCON-MX8M Mini. emtrion revised its Yocto Developer Kit and updated it to Yocto v3.0.4 (Zeus) and NXP BSP 5.4.70_2.3.2, thereby making the latest security patches and libraries accessable. The kernel version was upgraded to 5.4.70 and U-Boot to 2020.04. Both versions are based on the NXP distribution, including specific emtrion extensions.

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Due to the recent move to our new offices in Stutensee, emtrion has updated its official phone number. From now on you can reach us under  +49 (0)7244 62694 0.

All extensions and email addresses remain the same. Temporarily you can still reach us at the old number. However, it will be shut down in the foreseeable future.

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With an emSTAMP-Neon and TouchGFX GUI Designer you can create a modern GUI easily and quickly.

You can spontaneously present your results thanks to simple operation, predefined skins, widgets and a graphic simulator.

TouchGFX for STM32 boards is a slim system. Smooth animations can be created (based on FreeRTOS) in combination with the emSTAMP-Neon Single Board Computer.

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About emtrion

emtrion assists customers during all stages of the development process and integration.

From embedded hardware and firmware design, through software development, up to mass production made in Germany. emtrion simplifies the development of innovative products, offering several types of modules with CPUs from Freescale, Texas Intruments (TI), Renesas, NXP and Atmel that are based on the latest ARM generation.

All modules are provided with operating system (Linux, Windows® CE, Windows® Embedded Compact 7 and 2013, QNX or Android®), along with ready to use in-house Board Support Packages (BSPs).

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