emtrion is a development service provider for embedded systems. Our portfolio consists of software development in combination with customizable embedded single-board computers, modules, and mainboards. We provide holistic support for your individual embedded design, from implementation and testing to maintenance of the further product life cycle or for individual processes and requirements.

Custom hardware and software development

We offer comprehensive know-how around software and hardware for embedded systems or newfangled IoT devices through the support of numerous embedded projects in various industries. emtrion develops and manufactures customized computing platforms based on ARM processors for industrial use. In addition, we enable integrated system solutions such as embedded PCs, gateways, or control panels with the help of our broad partner network.

Why emtrion is your reliable embedded partner

We know the specific requirements in the embedded sector in the age of Industry 4.0. Our wealth of experience and numerous satisfied customers speak for us.

Pre-installed Board Support Packages

Pre-installed board support packages and firmware are standard on emtrion's industrial-grade computing platforms. This saves you time and costs in your development.

We are there for you!

Small teams of developers work with you in direct contact with transparent workflow. We provide support and life cycle management for a long-lasting product.

Quality management

Sophisticated quality management and automated test procedures safeguard your development.

Software and hardware from one source

We support your project as an embedded service provider all the way from the development of the appropriate computing platform and firmware as well as applications to manufacturing and maintenance.



emtrion has been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 for 13 years now.
Last week, emtrion again passed the surveillance audit.
emtrion will continue to optimize its processes and systems to maintain compliance.

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The emtrion team is on the road: Please note that our office will be closed on Monday, 19.09.2022 due to our annual company outing.

In urgent cases, you can reach us by mobile phone at +49 172 723 48 64. 

As of Tuesday, 20.09.22, we will be available again as usual and will process your inquiries as quickly as possible. 

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Guiliani is a software framework from TES Electronic Solutions for creating elegant graphical user interfaces for embedded hardware.
Also emtrion's emSBC-Argon single board computer based on the heterogeneous STM32MP157 multicore processor is available with the Guiliani software. A demo video shows you the possibilities.

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