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Module & SBC development

Customized modules and single board computers

You can find off-the-shelf modules and single-board computers (SBCs) everywhere. But what if you have special requirements?

Then come to us! We are experts in embedded systems and specialize in customer-specific developments. That's why we can offer you customized modules and SBCs even in small uantities.

What is module/SBC development?

When developing modules and SBCs, we focus on the customer-specific design and development of the hardware and software. Unlike standard boards that can be bought off the shelf, SBCs are tailored precisely to your requirements.

This starts with simple adaptations of existing designs and extends to the complete development of a new board. Regardless of whether you only need minor functional changes or are looking for a completely new solution - with us you can realize tailor-made SBCs for your project.

Core features of our module/SBC development

Our customized module/SBC development offers decisive advantages over standard products:

  • Optimal performance: the board is specifically tailored to your application and therefore delivers the best possible computing power
  • Cost efficiency: By customizing the modules/boards, you save costs for unnecessary features and the effort of adapting other components to our boards
  • Future-proof: With our modules/SBCs, you benefit from long-term availability - without the risk of discontinuation as you have with standard boards
  • Flexibility: Adaptations and further developments are possible at any time - even after many years
  • Speed: Thanks to our rapid prototyping by manufacturers and suppliers in Germany and Europe, we deliver particularly quickly
  • Security: As we provide you with everything from one single source, you are less dependent on third-party suppliers and also have full control over the design and production of your SBCs

Where is module/SBC development used?

Customized modules and SBCs can be found in a variety of applications and industries. They are an essential component of embedded systems and IoT devices (IoT = Internet of Things), which are widely used in various industries. In Industry 4.0 in particular, SBCs and modules are often used as control or measurement modules.

Our solutions are valued by a wide range of renowned companies. Take a look at our customer references and read our case studies.

Our offer

  • We offer you the complete range of services for customized single-board computers
  • Conception and design: We analyze your requirements and develop the optimal SBC design
  • Circuit and PCB development: From professional design implementation to production-ready documentation, including systematic versioning
  • Product selection, procurement and allocation management: selection of suitable components, negotiation with suppliers
  • Production support: For a seamless production process, we work closely with our production partners
  • Testing and validation: Comprehensive quality assurance and certification of hardware in accordance with EMC guidelines and standards
  • After-sales services: Long-term product maintenance, adaptations and further development
  • Series production: Planning and organization of series production

We are also able to execute complicated projects with reliability because of our tight collaboration with chip makers and our experience from over 100 customer projects.

Allow us to create your SBC or module

Embedded systems are the nerve center of modern machines and systems. In Industry 4.0, the performance, reliability and flexibility of these components are business-critical. That's why you should entrust module/SBC development to a partner with many years of experience and solid German workmanship: emtrion. Made in Germany.

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