Long delivery times due to component shortage

emtrion's production is also affected by the chip shortage

Since last year, emtrion's production process has changed due to the shortage of components. In order to guarantee on-time deliveries to customers, a high level of manpower is required and price increases are unavoidable. emtrion hopes that the situation will improve by the end of 2023.

The situation surrounding the chip shortage and the lack of other components in the electronics sector also affects the manufacture of emtrion products. The pandemic-related stagnation of global supply chains inevitably leads to high prices due to the bottleneck in the availability of electronic components. Many components have to be bought in from brokers. The procurement and management of components require a lot of manpower and lead to higher costs. Despite great commitment on the part of emtrion and participating suppliers and service providers, longer delivery times and interruptions in the development of new products are still to be expected.

Economists suspect the situation will continue until mid-2023. In order to reliably complete customer projects as before, emtrion is recruiting additional employees in the area of purchasing and customer support.

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