DIMM-STM32MP157 New Development + Retrofit for SH7723

The DIMM-SH7723 module from emtrion has proven to be highly effective over the years, facilitating the implementation of numerous successful customer projects.

Unfortunately, due to the discontinuation of the Renesas processor, the module will soon be unavailable.

emtrion is currently working on a new development based on the STM32MP157 processor from STMicroelectronics, a retrofit of the SH7723 is planned to align with emtrions DIMM family.

In direct comparison to its predecessor, the DIMM-STM32MP157 new development will stand out with improved performance and more memory (e.g. Dual-Core processor with up to 650MHz / 512MB RAM and 8GB eMMC).

A long-term availability of 10 years can be guaranteed, with the latest software version and Yocto support.

Availability is planned for quarter 2/2024.

Further information and technical details will follow shortly

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