em-SBC-Neon-CM4: Use-Case "plant world"

emtrions emSBC-Neon-CM4

At the ESE congress, macio presents the following use case in cooperation with emtrion: In the "plant world", office plants are equipped with microcontrollers, which connect to the local network in ordert to be able to send the data to the cloud. Using a web application or an embedded device, data such as soil moisture of all or selected indoor plants can be retrieved, read and tracked.
Based on this use case, macio shows what is possible with their in-house mbedded toolkit. Developed with its own declarative programming language, the HMI can be adapted to different product types of a product range by simple adjustments.
At the macio booth, you will experience how easy it is to change HMIs for any application field with the declarative approach of the mbedded toolkit. Even data sources and appearance can thereby be easily adapted.

The hardware is buildt on emtrion's single board computer emSBC-Neon-CM4, connected to an EDT display. Based on the STM32F469NI microcontroller from STMicroelectronics with the highest ARM Cortex-M4 performance, the single board computer emSBC-Neon-CM4 can be used for a wide range of applications with high energy efficiency. For a quick development start, emtrion has configured a Board Support Package (BSP) with the operating system FreeRTOS, on which the application of macio can be based on.
This way, the uSD card reader, RAM, Ethernet with lwIP, the touch screen driver and the display with STemWin library are directly available.

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