emSTAMP-MX93 CPU module - your solution from emtrion and NXP for demanding applications with integrated safety functions

Are you looking for an energy-efficient and powerful system-on-module with integrated AI/ML-NPU (Neural Processing Unit) acceleration for intelligent embedded systems at an attractive price for your application? Then the emSTAMP-MX93 CPU module is the right choice for you.


Based on the dual Cortex™-A55 NXP processor iMX9352CVU with 1.7 GHz and a 250 MHz Cortex-M33 real-time co-processor with energy-efficient architecture and integrated safety functions, the module is ideal for embedded applications in an industrial environment. Functions required in this environment such as a dual CAN bus and dual GbE as well as industrial temperature capability are also available.

In addition, connection options such as audio input/output, camera inputs and optional WLAN and BT/BLE are available.

A plus is the integrated Neural Processing Unit (NPU) for processing AI tasks. In addition, 108 GPIO pins, each of which can be configured with one of eight different functions, are available for your individual application.

Memory and power supply are already integrated on the module. The external interfaces of the processor can be customized by emtrion.

The System-on-Module has U-Boot (universal boot loader) boot loader firmware and a Linux Board Support Package and, on request, an Android Board Support Package.

All components are positioned on the top of the module so that the assembly can be soldered directly onto a customer-specific carrier board. The module also has 116 semi-circular edge contacts on the edge and 36 square contacts on the underside, which can be used to access all signals.

With the emSTAMP-MX93, emtrion offers a flexible and powerful solution for a wide range of applications that place the highest demands on performance, security and adaptability. and adaptability.

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