emSTAMP-Neon-CM7 with TouchGFX application

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with an emSTAMP-Neon and TouchGFX GUI Designer you can create a modern GUI easily and quickly. You can spontaneously present your results thanks to simple operation, predefined skins, widgets and a graphic simulator. TouchGFX for STM32 boards is a slim system. Smooth animations can be created (based on FreeRTOS) in combination with the emSTAMP-Neon Single Board Computer.


What is TouchGFX?

TouchGFX is a graphics software framework from STMicroelectronics which facilitates GUI development. It is efficiently linked to the STM32CubeIDE development environment.

Available demos show the graphics performance of TouchGFX:

  • Coin Bird App/Game - shows the graphics performance of TouchGFX
  • 2048 Game - shows high quality graphics with smooth animations
  • Home Control - shows vibrant graphics including access controls
  • Time and calendar - shows widgets for adjusting time and date


What are the advantages of TouchGFX?

In comparison to similar solutions, TouchGFX has the advantage of being free of charge for STMicroelectronic users, there are no license fees. In addition, its mordern design includes a touch interface with high-end graphics.


Touch GFX on emSTAMP-Neon

emtrion customers receive a precompiled image of the emSTAMP-Neon demo project together with an external flash loader file. A short guide helps you install the demo on your emSTAMP-Neon.

For STM32CubeIDE, a freely available development environment from STMicroelectronics, emtrion provides a prepared BSP (Board Support Package) in the source code of the emSTAMP-Neon embedded module. It contains a preconfigured ioc file as well as drivers for specific interfaces and components of the emSTAMP-Neon module.

Software and graphic design packages as well as the implementation into the emtrion embedded module is carried out by emtrion experts or the customer himself.

Customers design the TouchGFX -based graphic GUI design and create the associated program sequences with STM32CubeIDE.The emtrion GmbH handles the interaction between interface devices and protocols as well as the integration into the module. Alternatively, emtrion also manages the TouchGFX--based graphical GUI design and program processes. Both parties specify the details, optionally in form of a workshop.


You can contact us at +49 (0)7244 62694 0 or by email at sales@emtrion.de.


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