emtrion MX8M Mini now with Yocto v3.0.4 (Zeus)

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Yocto v3.0.4 (Zeus) is now available free of charge for all users of the emtrion System-on-Module emCON-MX8M Mini. emtrion revised its Yocto Developer Kit and updated it to Yocto v3.0.4 (Zeus) and NXP BSP 5.4.70_2.3.2, thereby making the latest security patches and libraries accessable. The kernel version was upgraded to 5.4.70 and U-Boot to 2020.04. Both versions are based on the NXP distribution, including specific emtrion extensions.

Fastboot and boota are integrated in the bootloader, so that support for Android 10 and higher is prepared. The available software developer kit enables a quick and comfortable introduction to application development. This supports gcc9.2, weston9.0, qt5.15 and other current libraries. emtrion also supports you in activating the integrated HAB Secure Boot and optionally offers a virtualization function (jailhouse) for the developer kit.

The emCON-MX8M Mini SOM with the heterogeneous multi-core processor i.MX8M Mini from NXP is suitable for numerous embedded applications - especially for the areas of industrial IoT, multimedia streaming and machine learning. Thanks to the implemented 14-LPC-FinFET process technology, the processor is reliable and robust in industrial use in harsh environments. emtrion guarantees a long-term availability of 15 years with the quality promise "Made in Germany" for this module.

The integrated i.MX8M mini processor is scalable and consists of up to 4 Arm® -Cortex® -A53 cores with up to 2 GHz clock rates and a 400 MHz Arm® -Cortex® -M4. emtrions emCON-MX8M Mini SOM is equipped with a QSPI NOR flash memory of 16 MB, an eMMC NAND flash memory of up to 64 GB and an LPDDR4 SDRAM of up to 4 GB.

The emtrion  module fulfills high performance requirements for audio, video and speech processing. For this it has both SPDIF and SAI interfaces, two LCD interfaces and a MIPI-CSI-2 interface, common for modern embedded vision systems, The integrated hardware acceleration for video and graphics supports 1080p video processing as well as 2D and 3D graphics. Additionally, there is an extensive selection of high-speed interfaces available, such as Gigabit Ethernet, OTG; PCIe and USB host.


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