emtrion emSBC-Argon now also with Guiliani (GUI)

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

The emtrion emSBC-Argon Single Board Computer is now also available with Guiliani GUI software! Guiliani is a software framework from TES Electronic Solutions for creating elegant graphical user interfaces for embedded hardware.

Guiliani offers the advantage of a quickly and easily created professional GUI (Graphical User Interface). Powerful, modern and object-oriented, C++ GUI software from TES enables a quick market launch of products using Guiliani. The intuitive WYSIWYG Guiliani Streaming Editor (GSE) reduces implementation time to a minimum. If you are interested in development support, you are welcome to contact TES technical support directly.

The powerful emSBC-Argon Single Board Computer with heterogeneous multicore STM32MP157 from STMicroelectronics enables real-time functions in energy-saving operation. The integrated ARM Dual Cortex-A7 is suitable for both demanding and computationally intensive tasks, such as used in industrial IoT systems, edge computing or HMI applications.

The integrated Cortex-M4 makes the emSBC-Argon Single Board Computer ideally suited for real-time applications, motor controls and industrial communication systems The Cortex-M4 core is integrated into the STM32 ecosystem (STM32CubeID, STM32CubeMX This allows programs for STM32 Cortex-M4 systems to be transferred smoothly to the emSBC-Argon. For industrial use, emtrion guarantees a long-term availability of 15 years.

In the -CAC variant, the processor also includes numerous security and encryption functions. This protects IP, system and data against unauthorized access and manipulation. This encryption corresponds to current standards of the steadily increasing requirements for the security of systems.

The emSBC-Argon Single Board Computer is equipped with a Linux operating system and can be programmed with an individual board support package (BSP) by emtrion. emtrion offers additional options for the emSBC-Argon, such as virtualization and customized security solutions.


You can contact us at +49 (0)7244 62694 0 or by email at sales@emtrion.de.


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