emtrion emSBC-RZ/N1D now with Yocto v3.1.2 (Dunfell)

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Yocto v3.1.2 (Dunfell) is now available free of charge to all users of the emtrion single board computer emSBC-RZ/N1D. emtrion has updated the BSP to Yocto version 3.1.2 and kernel version v4.9.0. The init systems SysVinit and systemd are supported. In addition, realtime support is available using the Preempt-RT patch.

In addition to supporting newer Linux versions, Dunfell also offers updated versions and bug fixes for various programs and libraries. Modern versions of the host tool, such as git, gcc, python etc, are also used. Further improvements can be found in the build process, e.g. when creating artifacts and especially in the area of reproducibility.

The emSBC-RZ/N1D is a gateway for industrial Ethernet communication in real time. Based on the heterogeneous multi-core processor RZ/N1D (2x ARM Cortex-A7, 1x ARM Cortex-M3) from Renesas, the gateway offers a mature solution for fieldbus communication with multiple protocols.

The integrated processor subsystem R-IN Engine of the RZ/N1D stands for Renesas Industrial Network and was developed for Industry 4.0 requirements. It consists of a 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 RISC-CPU with 2 MB RAM as well as a Gigabit Ethernet MAC (GMAC) and an RTOS accelerator HW-RTOS. This concept enables high speed and real-time capabilities with low power consumption.

For industrial multi-protocol communication, the R-IN engine is supplemented by a 5-port Ethernet switch and slave controller for Sercos III and EtherCAT. The emSBC-RZ/N1D offers the user two 100 Mbit interfaces for industrial Ethernet protocols such as EtherCAT, Profinet or EtherNet / IP. In addition, there are two GbE interfaces for TCP/IP communication, two CAN 2.0B interfaces with CANopen support and three UART interfaces.

As a service provider for software and hardware in the embedded area, emtrion offers additional services such as virtualization (Jailhouse) or customized security solutions.


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