emtrion emSBC-Argon now with Yocto v3.1.7 (Dunfell)

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Yocto v3.1.7 (Dunfell) is now available for all users of the emtrion single board computer emSBC-Argon and the emSTAMP-Argon soldering module. The BSP has been updated to Yocto version 3.1.7 and kernel version 5.4. The boot loader is U-Boot version 2020.01, systemd is used as the init system.

In addition to supporting newer Linux versions, Dunfell also offers updated versions and bug fixes for various programs and libraries. Modern versions of the host tool, such as git, gcc, python etc, are also used. Further improvements can be found in the build process, e.g. when creating artifacts and especially in the area of reproducibility.

Parallel to the new BSP, the display driver for emtrion‘s Developer Kit display B-LCd40-DSI with capacitive touch got expanded. The driver now supports the display in different orientations. Rotations of 0 ° (default, portrait), 90 ° (landscape), 180 ° and 270 ° are possible. The rotations are hardware controlled via corresponding row/column addressing in the controller and thus realized without extensive software calculations, which also applies to the touch coordinates. The rotation is adjustable via the device tree. The corresponding device trees are included in the board support package.

The powerful, solderable emSTAMP-Argon module with his heterogeneous MultiCore SoC STM32MP157 from STMicroelectronics enables real-time functions in energy-saving operation. The integrated ARM Dual Cortex-A7 is suitable for demanding and computationally intensive tasks, such as the use in industrial IoT systems, edge computing or HMI applications.

Due to the integrated Cortex-M4, the emSTAMP-Argon module is ideally suited for realtime applications, motor controls or industrial communication systems. The processor supports for example protocols like PROFINET, EtherCAT and EtherNet/IP. The Cortex-M4 core is integrated into the STM32 ecosystem (STM32CubeID, STM32CubeMX). This has the advantage that software for STM32 Cortex-M4 systems can easily be reused. emtrion guarantees a long-term availability of 15 years for industrial use.

The processor of the CAC version also offers numerous security and encryption functions. This enables IP protection, system protection against manipulation and data protection against unauthorized access. This encryption sets new standards in the constantly increasing demands on the security of systems.

The core module emSTAMP-Argon is integrated into the single board computer emSBC-Argon and available with a Linux operating system. As a service provider for software and hardware in the embedded area, emtrion equips your single board computer with an individual board support package (BSP). emtrion also offers the emSBC-Argon with additional options such as virtualization or the appropriate security solution.


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