emtrion is pleased to announce the availability of its SBC (Single Board Computer) based on the new SoC ‘SAMA5D36’ from Atmel.

This board is targeting various industrial field applications. With the Lithium battery charger, the board can be used as battery powered device.

The SBC comes with a full free open source software package composed by a U-Boot bootloader and various Embedded Linux distributions.

With an active open-source development, Atmel provides the latest and the greatest in term of Linux development. That means, in term of Linux Kernel, everything is available on the official Linux repository and so for the bootloader U-Boot. emtrion is providing the configuration file of the SBC to rebuild any software from official repository.

When it comes to Security, the Atmel SAMA5D36 SoC handles the most important tools. It supports the Secure Hash Algorithm, a True Random Number Generator, encryption engines (AES, TDS) and the Atmel Secure Boot Solution.  



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