Networking is nowadays almost a standard when it comes to embedded systems, whether devices are connected to each other or directly to the internet. Previously, the seclusion from the outside world guaranteed the security of such systems to a considerable extent. This is now over and the security concept has to have priority during the system design development.

emtrion offers support in the design and implementation of such security concepts. You benefit from the experiences we gained in numerous projects with regards to safety-related technologies:

  • use of Secure Boot Mechanisms (experience with Freescale, Texas Instruments and Atmel SoCs)
  • Design and implementation of a secure software environment at runtime (operating system, user-space services and libraries)
  • Support of TPM modules incl. integration into the software stack
  • Mechanisms for rapid Software-Updates to address security vulnerabilities

If you are interested in our assistance with creating a security concept for your embedded system, we are looking forward to your call at +49 721 627 25-20 or your email to Sales. We also would be glad to receive your enquiry using our Contact form.

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