Simple operation of the ELBE Tool with ElbeFrontend

For an easy handling of the open source tool ELBE by Linutronix emtrion developed a graphical user interface. It was developed within a student project.

As a console-application the elbe-tool is only operable through command-line. For developers that is not an issue, however with increasing projects to manage, it can get a bit confusing. ‘ElbeFrontend’ organizes all projects in a clear folder-structure to ensure easy navigation through projects and their files.

ElbeFrontend is a convenient extension for Developers who have only few or even no experience with elbe. Only the more important functions are featured in the application which makes it easier to use. The user does not have to know all functions or their syntax to be able to use elbe.

With the graphical interface, developers can save time while working with elbe. Besides that, it supports less experienced users. It is basically an application which extends the elbe-tool with the visual component and makes it easier and more intuitive to use.

The Code and the AppImage for ElbeFrontend are now availbale for download on GitHub:


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