Virtualization support for Renesas RZ/G series released

Jailhouse Hypervisor on Renesas RZ/G

emtrion has released Developer Kits with the Virtualization solution Jailhouse for the modules emCON-RZ/G1E, emCON-RZ/G1M and emCON-RZ/G1H.

Virtualization benefits for our clients:

  • Cost reduction since you need less hardware modules
  • Security and Safety through strict separation between operating systems and applications
  • Real-Time capability despite Virtualization

Example for a Virtualization solution on the octa-core emCON-RZ/G1H:

  • CPU 0, 1, 2: Linux Distribution with Qt and GPU support
  • CPU 3, 4, 5: Another Linux Distribution
  • CPU 6: FreeRTOS
  • CPU 7: Bare-Metal application

What is Jailhouse?

The Jailhouse hypervisor is a Linux-based partitioning hypervisor. A hypervisor handles the simultaneous execution of multiple operating systems on a physical SoC. Operating systems can be an ordinary OS like Linux, an RTOS or any kind of bare-metal application. In the Jailhouse speak these operating systems are called inmates. Inmates are executed in so called cells. A partitioning hypervisor like Jailhouse manages the separation of different inmates by the use of these cells. Each cell is assigned exclusive access to certain CPUs and selected hardware devices.

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