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EASY TOUCH display for harvesting machines

emtrion has developed a Human Machine Interface (HMI) for easy operation of harvesting machines for winegrowing by the manufacturer Pellenc. All machine functions can be operated intuitively from the cabin using the EASY TOUCH.

The challenge

To control the individual machine functions of a winegrowing machine comfortably in the driver‘s cabin, an operating tablet with touch function is required. emtrion is instructed to develop the complete tablet hardware with individual requirements. CAN interfaces are required for communication as well as USB, Ethernet and RS 232 interfaces for updates and data analysis. The appropriate application software for operating the tablet is developed and implemented by Pellenc.

The solution

emtrion's standard CPU module DIMM-Sh7723-6 with the Superh processor Sh7723 from Renesas contains the necessary functions such as an MPEg4 and h.264 accelerator, a 2D graphics accelerator and an LCD controller.

A corresponding carrier board was developed for use in the EASY TOUCH display, which offers the necessary interfaces (including 2 serial RS232 connections, 4 USB host ports, 1 Ethernet port 100-BaseTX, 2 CAN 2.0AB buses and an additional I²C bus) and is adapted to the size of the LCD display used. To be able to use LCDs with LVDS interface, a display adapter was developed by emtrion.

This offers more flexibility with regard to the LCDs to be used. The functionality of the system was ensured by tests during and after development. It is a closed, secure system which means that no additional security features are required.
For a quick start in application development, emtrion has equipped the board with a linux Board Support Package.
The manufacture of the hardware, the assembly and wiring of the display as well as the final function tests of the EASY TOUCH display are carried out by the EMS service provider BMK in Augsburg. Pellenc receives a ready-to-use product for direct use in wine machines.


Pellenc has been developing innovative devices with pioneering technologies for agriculture and green area maintenance since 1973. In the process, Pellenc relies on highest requirements in terms of performance, economy and environmental protection. The main focus has always been on the production of devices that not only make work easier, but also increase productivity.