Embedded Computing Platforms

Hardware solutions for your individual Embedded project

emtrion offers scalable and individually configurable embedded computing platforms for industrial applications. Our product portfolio ranges from compact single-board computers to carrier boards and the appropriate computer-on-module (COM) or system-on-module (SOM) to development kits. By default, emtrion equips all modules and single-board computers with hardware-specific board support packages.

emtrion's embedded systems are based on ARM architectures and system-on-chips from leading suppliers such as Microchip, NXP, Renesas, STMicroelectronics, and Texas Instruments. With real-time functionality, virtualization capability, and security options, our single board computers and computer-on-modules (COM) are suitable for innovative control systems, operator panels, or IoT gateways, among other applications.

The requirements for embedded systems vary depending on the application and area. We advise you on the selection and configuration of the appropriate embedded computing platform.

Efficient and innovative hardware for embedded systems

Services around your hardware

Benefit from our know-how around embedded hardware and software and our experience in the integration of embedded computing systems. Among other things, we support you with updates, application development as well as error analysis or security options.


ready-to-use solutions

All our single-board computers and modules come with specific board support packages ready to use. We provide documentation and schematics for your development. Rely on our lifecycle management for the long-term maintenance of your product.

Individually configurable

We customize our in-house developments according to your requirements depending on the application. For example, by scaling the memory sizes, eliminating unneeded interfaces, or through specific bootloaders and applications, you get an individually configured and cost-effective solution.

reliable quality control

Through reproducible and automated system tests that are precisely tailored to your product and its planned usage environment, we enable reliable quality control even after the system has been commissioned.

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Contact us for a consultation on the computing platform that is right for you

Depending on the application, an embedded computing platform must meet specific requirements. However, individual hardware development is often not necessary. Many of the modules and single-board computers can be used in a variety of ways. We advise you which computing platform is suitable for your project and which adaptations are possible.