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Recovery & Software Update

Make your embedded system emergency ready

System failures usually lead to high follow-up costs due to precarious downtimes and data loss. In order to get emergency ready, emtrion offers the development of various individual recovery solutions for your embedded system.

A power failure during an update can already cause a brick. But an unnoticed error or a forgotten use case can lead to a system crash, even after a detailed test procedure. In order to prevent a resulting data loss, recall action or similar, it is advisable to schedule a recovery system in advance and to integrate it during development.

Implemented Recovery System or via USB

emtrion - individuelle Recovery Lösungen

A system recovery can be controlled via either USB stick or an implemented system with redundant partitions and an auto-fallback, which is stored directly in the device memory. The recovery solution via USB stick has an advantage, it can get implemented in late development stages.

However, the successful implementation of a recovery system is subject to certain conditions. The system must generally still be bootable. If the bootloader itself does not function, you can alternatively set USB as the boot source. For this, the ROM boot must be compatible with USB as the boot medium. Already taking this into account in the planning offers a clear advantage here as well.

Your individual Recovery Solution

Depending on your needs, a recovery system offers different solutions. One way is to put the prepared file system image on the internal flash memory. Alternatively, a fault analysis tool can be loaded and executed over a network connection, or a current version of the image can be reloaded.

An optimal recovery solution includes the subject of security.
An encryption of the system protects against external interference and manipulation, for example.

Thus, only those recovery media are executed, which are provided with the key necessary for signature,
which in turn is available to the manufacturer alone.

Early implication of a recovery solution in the planning of your embedded system protects you
against the costly consequential damage of a system failure.